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Health, Beauty and Wellness
"For every disease there is a plant" it is said in the vernacular.

"90% of all diseases arise in the head" many say. What do you say? What has helped you.
Let us know! Tell your story. Or ask., Help yourself and others with it.

Health and lifestyle is vital to our well-being.

There arise the questions: "What we eat" "What we drink" What do we breathe? Is my environment healthy for me? Powerlines? Noise level? Building materials? Esoteric talk? or .. this is all healthy for ourselves what content you have to spend?

Sport after a difficult working day! or would you rather relax with alcohol and beautiful pictures of things on TV that you have not yet! STOP! This is the advertising that you have to work more to buy more! Enough is enough! Take your life into your own hands and change something! Be Healthy. Read about our projects and to join us!